Septic Tank Services

From 500 gallons to 5,000 gallons A-1 has your back. We pride our self on quick and reliable service and scheduling for all of your septic needs.


Want to be sure your tank is in optimal condition? We are here to help! A-1 offers tank inspections, checking your inlets, outlets, baffles, and overall tank condition. These are great for just peace of mind, or if you are considering selling your home.

Portable Toilets and RVs

Need your RV cleaned before a trip, or your portable toilets cleaned before an event? A-1 would love to help! We also offer ZEP Blue Juice by the gallon for any other needs you may have. We know you have a timeline for trips and events so we make sure to schedule you in as quickly as possible and are always available to answer and questions you may have.

Portable Toilet Sales

In need of a portable toilet? We can order and deliver one to you where everĀ  you need! A-1 offers a few different options and styles of portable toilets. Whether you just need a single or are in need of a double or even a portable toilet with a sink we can help!

Riser Sales

If your septic tank is not at ground level, often times for it to be serviced the lid has to be located and dug up, causing extra costs and can mess with your landscaping. We sell lids both for poly and concrete tanks, and will place them for you!


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